Disclosure: Potentially triggering thoughts ahead. Please make sure that you are in a good mental place to be able to read this before continuing. If not, bookmark and satiate your curiosity later.

This poem is about some thoughts that I used to have regularly. I now have a roommate, which I highly recommend for everyone. Humans are social creatures and interactions with others release serotonin and endorphins.

I want to share this for anyone who has felt the same. You are not alone. You can find someone who would notice your absence. Living on your own, having your own place all to yourself, is not all it’s cracked up to be. It is one of few things that I seriously think is overrated / misguided.

We’re so distant.
We’re so alone.
Applauded for independence.
Less accomplished when sharing a home.

Dozens of so-called friends,
Family that I call “close”,
Yet ask them what I’m up to
And none of them really knows.

Remote and flexible jobs
Coveted and esteemed.
Irregular appearance is expected
and not some mystery.

On-site, they’d think I’d quit
How many would just assume
A medical emergency?…
…Someone else was in the room.

All see only one context
The meaning of my absence reduced
No expectations to hear from me
No flags raised, no alarms induced

How long would it take to notice
With assumptions made by all
“Too busy”, or “Just disinterested”,
Or “Maybe it’s a character flaw”

Would it be my unpaid rent
Or a smell coming through the walls
Or the weeks of one-sided texts
Or the last-ditch unanswered calls

Would any take the time
Would any go out of their way
Would any stop to check in
And make sure that I’m okay

How long would it take,
and would that time make it worse
If my absence could go unnoticed,
how much could it even hurt?

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