Deliverable: PNGs wrapped in an Xcode Sticker Pack for sale on the Apple App Store

Made for: My own App Store Developer account “Appsession Studio”

Style: Bold, minimal, simple, clean, clean-cut, clever

Use: Adorning text messages, conveying jokes

Tools: Adobe Illustrator & Affinity Designer

Process: I started by searching for and downloading reference images of signs that we associate with driving and traffic. I used the images to brainstorm some ideas for puns or variations of the originals that could be used in conversation.

Then I used Adobe Illustrator & Affinity Designer to generate the source vector graphics for the project. The Apple App Store, at the time, didn’t accept SVGs or GIFs for Sticker Pack submissions. Each image (and for GIFs, each frame) was saved as a PNG and added to the Xcode project.

Then, after filling in the appropriate information, I submitted. The pack was published and live for 3 years before it was deactivated due to lack of updates. (I intend to eventually circle back to it to submit a new version so that it will be live again. Sign up to my newsletter to be updated when that happens!)