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How Long (A Poem)

Disclosure: Potentially triggering thoughts ahead. Please make sure that you are in a good mental place to be able to read this before continuing. If not, bookmark and satiate your curiosity later. This poem is about some thoughts that I used to have regularly. I now have a roommate, which I highly recommend for everyone. Humans are social creatures and interactions with others release serotonin and endorphins.I want to share this for anyone who has felt the same. You are not alone. You can find someone who would notice your absence. Living on your own, having your own place all [...]

February 20, 2024|Poetry & Lyrics|

I Remember This, But I Know Nothing

There are these little phrases that once I find / think / speak, they feel so... moving. When I think of them (or sometimes hear them from other people), I'll hold onto them because they're a great tool for reprogramming how I think and act and generally show up in the world. Today, I had one as I was thinking about what I know to be true, and how I feel when I'm proven wrong. It's a little humiliating to think you know something and then realize something has changed since then or you are misremembering. Everything is constantly changing [...]

December 19, 2023|My Journey|

I Am a Fool and I’m Learning to Love It

I find that things that make me uncomfortable are best addressed by talking about them. Once you force yourself to describe your feelings, you see them for what they are, and usually it helps you wrangle them. So let's dig into some of mine. I've been attempting to write and record more (publicly) to: log where my mind is at remember what I've accomplished shared what I've learned add one more layer of accountability Anyone who does a little digging (on Medium/YouTube) will see my posts and videos have been few and far between and also all over the place [...]

December 9, 2023|My Journey|

Mindset Shifts That Are Making a Difference

This past year and a half has been a lot. It’s made me take a hard look at myself and ask a lot of questions that, for a long time, I couldn’t answer. The past month or two, I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting and focusing on how to be a better human — and by “better human”, I mean someone who is better at managing their emotions, thoughts and actions. Maybe you could really benefit from hearing my mindset shifts or maybe you’re already a perfect human who has it all figured out. Either way I’m going [...]

October 17, 2023|My Journey|
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